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Board Members / Officers

The duties for the positions of Board Members and Officers are included in the MDHS by-laws (Section 6.3). Included are the position descriptions of: The President, The Vice President, The 2nd Vice President, The Secretary, The Treasurer, The Past President, and Ex-officio Positions.

Board Directors accrue approximately 4 hours each month, with the exceptions of: the president (7-10 hours per month), the secretary (7-10 hours per month), and the treasurer (15-20 hours per month minimum).

Board members and other volunteers will put in more hours depending on programs and projects being run and other tasks they take on.

Board Committees

The duties of Board Committees are included in the MDHS by-laws (Section 6.4) and include these Standing Committees: Executive, Personnel, Finance, Nominating, and Policy.

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